1970’s Car Power To Weight

Find power to weight for automobiles produced in the 1970’s!  This section enables you to search a comprehensive power to weight specs list of 70’s vehicles.  Power to weight grouped by decade allows you to easily see how it compares to other cars of the time period.

This specs section can even help you make a buying decision on your next vehicle.  Many car buyers base their search primarily on price, brand, practicality, style, safety or reliability, while others look for vehicles in a specific era such as a classic 1970’s muscle car.  So, if you’re a power to weight enthusiast looking to buy your next car or truck and have a preferred model year range, then we hope you

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1978 Vector W2 (Concept Car)
Power to Weight 0.240 hp/lb Weight to Power 4.17 lb/hp Compare
*Limited to car specs on this site

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