About P2W

What is PowerToWeight all about?

We are car fanatics that saw a need to bring a focus on arguably the single most important car statistic that determines a cars performance.  Power to weight ratio.  We understand that this single car spec comprising of the vehicle’s curb weight and horsepower can cut through the assumptions one has about whether a car is (or will be) fast.

Some cars boast impressive horsepower figures, but if their weight is also considerable, then its power to weight figure will suffer.  Power to weight clears car performance assumptions and demonstrates that even if a vehicle has great horsepower, it doesn’t mean it will be quicker than a less powerful car with less weight.  For this reason we find power to weight specs a fascinating automotive subject.

The PowerToWeight Team is always open to tips and suggestions.  If you have an idea of a vehicle that you think we should add to our database, then we encourage you to let us know!